AMS Fulfillment

In a factory environment, you need to have a warehouse to store everything you’ve produced until it is picked up by the customer or it is taken to another warehouse. Where I work, we have a warehouse which is capable of storing a limited amount of product. There are shunt wagons going from our factory to a massive warehouse on the other side of town and back again. Everything we produce is put onto this wagon and shipped to that warehouse, where at a later time it will be picked, put on another wagon and shipped out to where-ever it is going eg Asda, Tesco.

AMS¬†are a 3rd party company which deal with warehousing, picking, packing and fulfillment. Not only do they deal with all of that but they can also help you to stick within a budget so that you’re able to keep your expenses down as well as keeping your inventory safely protected from losses and damages. Their services also include SKU (Stock keeping units) which range from 5 to 20,000 individual items. Both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) are catered for. They will look after your business as if it was their own leaving you to worry about other issues