Let’s play catch up

So here I am making another entry.. go me lol. I’ve actually got a proper social life now so that’s the reason my entries seem to be very sparse. I no longer just chill with Kyle and Bennett at the pub now, I chill with a few others. I’ve actually been asked by two of them to go to a foam party on Friday after work. I can’t wait, especially since I’ve never been to a foam party before nor have I ever been into the venue that it’s being held at.

Kyle and I are still on the look out for an apartment or flat of our own and we have been for a couple of weeks. We’ve, or should I say I, have been finding things for our place. I’ve found the poster that I said I was going to buy Kyle for his game room. I’m hoping to see his landlord at the weekend and see if he’s got anything. I don’t care where it is as long as I have somewhere safe to park my car. However it’s gunna be a bit hard on the finance side since Kyle is on long term sick with depression and mood disorder so he’s currently on statutory sick pay which is just over 100 pounds a week. He’s actually taking anti-depressents for his moods, I think they’re called Sertraline but after a Google search I’ve found they’re also called Zoloft.

I’ve finally got my training at work. I’m currently training to be a flow wrap operator. This means that eventually I’ll be running a line and doing paperwork but it’ll probably be just relief at first unless someone leaves or gets fired. I’ve been waiting so long for this training and I’m so happy. Me and another guy were on the other shift for originally 2 weeks but after a week and 2 days we were told that the production manager had put training on hold due to low volumes so we’ve gone back to our own shift. My manager told me the other day that the training is likely to restart after this week.

I’ve also been riding quite a bit. I took Skid out for the first time in about a year. She doesn’t have shoes on so because she has sensitive feet I had to stick to grass. I took her for a ride around the old military houses where we had a good gallop along the edge of the playing fields. She seemed to enjoy it. I haven’t had a gallop on her since probably 2006-2007 so I felt so happy that she allowed it. I haven’t ridden her again yet but she’s 24 years old and due to her leg injury sometimes gets a bit stiff so she’s sort of in semi retirement/taking it easy. I’ve mostly been taking Vinnie out into the village. I’ve bought him his own stuff. I think I managed to get most of his stuff within the space of a month and probably spent 100 pounds or less. I bought him a new flash bridle, a baby blue headcollar and leadrope set, baby blue over reach boots, baby blue numnah, baby blue bit guards, 6″ dutch gag, baby blue rubber covered reins and a Team GB browband – it’s shaped and has blue, white and red diamantes on it. I now only need to buy him his own set of brushing boots/tendon boots and I’ll have everything he needs. I bought both him and Skid a rug from Derby House when they were doing them for a mere 10 pounds. Yesterday I also managed to buy a new grooming kit with some pretty decent brushes. One of them is like a really heavy and sturdy hair brush which I tried out on his ringlet tail full of those thistle like things that have managed to wrap themselves in his tail and I managed to get quite a few of them out. In a few months time when the weather becomes warmer and my field is back looking alright, I’ll be able to have Gemma come back and continue his training and start to teach him to jump. Then hopefully this summer I can start entering him into a few local shows and get his career started. I have 4 rosettes from the local show circuit when I used to take Skid. I’m hoping that we can surpass that and win enough to cover one of those cork notice boards. I want to try and do everything I wanted to do with Skid and either never got chance to do or just never felt like doing. I’ve taken Vinnie out at least 3 days a week and he seems to have become pretty relaxed. He seems more accepting of traffic, especially the idiot drivers who never slow down. Considering he hasn’t even been ‘rideable’ a year he’s made good progress in becoming bombproof. I really am proud of him. I’m now on the look out for a little rider for Skid so that they can both be taken out together. I’m hoping Bree will come out with me because she’s the ideal height and weight. And I know Skid will look after her.

Anyway I’m off to get myself comfy and cosy in bed to relax and enjoy the rest of my Sunday (: