9Apr   It comes back to you

I know what you’re gunna say and yes I suck. I guess as I keep saying I get caught up in my offline life. We’ve been staying in every weekend as usual so all I do is play video games and watch movies/TV shows with Kyle. I’ve started to ride again now that the weather has got better. I went to a show on Sunday with Gemma but didn’t get as far as going into a class with Vinnie because he pulled her back out so we just went home again. The next one is on May 5th which I’m hoping to go to and ride the class myself. I just need to buy myself a royal blue tie and get his bonnet and numnah sorted with the anti-possession patches I bought – Can you say obsessed with Supernatural lol

I’ve bought a few more xbox one games taking my total to about 22. I did buy a game for my xbox360 so I could use my Kinect. It was ‘Your Shape Evolved’. I tried it out for a couple of days last week and I swear to God it’s going to kill me! I really need to make sure I keep playing it for about half an hour each day so I can lose a bit of weight. I did buy some Juice Plus to go with the game but I just seem to be drinking that and not doing much exercise. I have until the end of May to be either 10 stone or size 10. It might take my longer to reach my goal but I’ll try my hardest.

I have tomorrow off work – Kyle said to me to try and get tomorrow off on Tuesday because it’s apparently going to be red hot tomorrow. I heard tonight from people at work that tomorrow is going to be hotter than Ibiza but we’ll see. I’m hoping to ride both of the horse’s in the morning and then meet Kyle in town at 10.30 but I’ll probably only get to ride one and it’ll probably be Vinnie since he managed to hurt Gemma. He’s been quiet since Sunday so might be a good time to get some work out of him. Saying that I’ll probably just lounge in my bed playing xbox.

Anyway I just thought I’d drop by and leave an entry so y’all know I’m still about hence the shortness