I’ll be your distraction

So as you can see I changed the theme. I’ve been looking for something simple yet organised. I’ll edit it once I get chance to so for now you’ll just have to deal with it 😛 

I haven’t posted for quite some time and that’s because as I keep saying my offline life is much more interesting and busy than it ever has been. The only chance I get to go online is on my iPhone (which is how I’m posting this) because I have everything in front of me and because it’s a lot faster than my netbook – Kyle still has a lot of crap to shift off it still.

I’ve pretty much been working and when I’ve been able to I’ve been riding and playing my Xbox one – I now have 30 games so go me lol. I’ve decided that I need to spend more time outside of the house and with my horses. I don’t go out much anymore in regards to drinking so I’ve been using the money I would have spent on booze to buy things for both my horses and myself. I’m actually waiting on some ‘payback’ from my mobile phone network which I’m planning on putting towards getting myself an iPhone 6. I don’t need a new phone but there’s nothing else I really want and I’m always putting everyone else before myself so I thought what the hell! I’ll treat myself. So once I get that through I’ll be making my purchase. 

Kyle and I are still together. We just recently (as in May 31st) just celebrated my 30th birthday where we went out for a meal with a couple of friends and then went round town drinking. We went out at about 5.30pm on Saturday evening and came home at almost 4am Sunday morning. I had planned to stay out until 3am but having stayed out longer than I planned made me feel good. And the best thing about waking up on my actual birthday with no hangover and no sicky feeling was brilliant. Especially since I was drinking everything from vodka to Jägerbombs and everything in between. Usually I’d have alcohol poops and be puking up every 5 minutes the day after. 

Later in the morning on Sunday Kyle ordered breakfast to be delivered from some cafe in town but because I was hungry I stuffed my face too fast and made myself feel sick so we just laid in his bed afterwards for a while then took a walk into town where I bought 3 cans of Irn Bru to perk myself up. After we came back from town we drove to mine to get ready to go out for the meal which my parents were treating us to at Damon’s – I’d say it was American-ish but it’s more posh. It’s a grill/steak house sort of place. I wasn’t actually hungry when we arrived but I still managed to eat a combo platter of scampi and BBQ chicken with chips. It was nice but next time I’ll make sure not to eat before hand lol. We came home and just crashed on my bed watching Scrubs on Netflix because we were so stuffed. 

On Monday we chilled out and then at around 2pm I took Kyle home  He said it meant I could go riding but I had no energy to do anything – it rained anyway when I got to the yard so I just moved the fence so they could get grass and poo picked. When I came home I had a bath and just laid in my bed watching TV 

Yesterday was my first day back at work where I was showered with a tote bag (with my little pony on it) full of belated birthday gifts from my work mates as well as another card – with a unicorn on the front. I was made to open the gifts by Suey lol. I got a big Rainbow Dash from build a bear, a mug with rising lingo on it, a cupcake bath bomb which smells lush, a chocolate bar with 30 on it, a pack of hair bobbles and some Frozen Jammies.  (See photo)

I was always under the impression that people tolerated me because they had to. I never realised they actually did like me lol. I felt shocked that they’d got enough to buy all this – I’ve no idea how much they got but the rainbow dash on the build a bear site is £19 and the MLP bag is £4 from Primark because I bought one on Saturday lol. I can’t thank them enough. I’m still waiting for Kyle to cough up a gift but I don’t think I should hold my breath. 

I’ve downloaded the WordPress app back onto my iPhone because I’ve no idea where my netbook is and because I plan to post at least once a week. I renewed this domain for 2 more years so there’s no getting rid of me just yet haha.