15Feb   All hands on the trigger

It’s been over a month since my last post but I have good news.. Kyle has bought himself a new laptop so I’ve finally got my netbook back wahooo!! but it’s running a little..okay alot, slower than when I lent him it so I have to try and get it speeded up a bit and get all his crap taken off it. Then I can begin to try and create/edit/whatever my own themes. I’m just so thankful to have it back and working, mainly because he managed to make my external hard drive blow up and I was a bit scared he’d do the same to my netbook. I would probably have killed him because all my design programs and graphic resources, fonts etc are on it and they are pretty much the only copy I have.

Not really that much has happened since I went back to work and we’ve spent most of the weekends at mine so I’ve managed to save quite a bit of money :) I’ve saved so much that I’ve been been able to buy both my horses rugs. New fleece cooler rugs each, 2 Premier Equine turnout rugs for Vinnie which would usually cost nearly £200 brand new but I picked 2 up from someone a few miles away for £30 each. I also picked up another one which is a Rambo which would also be expensive brand new to buy for £30. The ones I bought second hand just need a good wash at the end of the winter and they’ll be good as new. I’ve also bought a few more xbox one games (Sunset Overdrive, Lego Hobbit, Lego The Movie, Rayman Legends) and I did bid on another one for pure shits and giggles out of boredom but I didn’t win it :( It was Diablo 3.

Kyle and I seem to be getting on pretty well nowadays too. We do have the occasional argument but which couple doesn’t? He doesn’t believe in Valentines day because he says you should show your love everyday but as my gift he helped me to fix the fencing in the field the horses are in to stop Vinnie from trying to barge through when I take Skid out. The fence now has full mains electricity running through the whole of it. I feel a tiny bit guilty for doing it because when I rode her earlier you could hear him whining but if he learnt to have respect not only for me and the fence but other things than I wouldn’t have had to take this step. This weekend we have mostly laid watching movies and crap on the TV with a bit of xbox thrown in for good measure. We’ve laughed lots, snuggled lots more and actually enjoyed each others company. I really think we’ve turned a corner. Not only that but Kyle has made the first steps to becoming less alcohol dependent by going to one to one meetings every week. So I think this relationship is going in the right direction. I’ve already got his birthday gift being made as we speak. A friend of a friend has done a digital portrait of her and its so life like that I’ve asked if she could do a commission for me. Originally it was going to be of the horses but after she said she was a bit crap at fur drawings I decided to see if she’d do a drawing of Master Chief so I could get it printed out/framed/put on a canvas for Kyle’s birthday. She said yes and I’ve paid the £15 deposit and have the final payment of £25 to pay on completion. She’s shown me a preview of the line art for it already and all I can say is wow. I was totally speechless when she sent me the mock up with the little colour palettes and reference pictures. I might have to see if she’ll be able to do one of a Vulcan Bomber for my Dad for his birthday/Father’s day.