4Jan   Back to the grind…

Well this is it! The last few hours of freedom before I’m back at work in the morning. I’m gunna miss the trips into town in the morning, the lazing around in my pjs playing xbox and nanna napping in an afternoon. I probably won’t get next Christmas either

I went out for a drink with Kyle on Friday. We ended up meeting Dave and his girlfriend Gemma in the pub. I pretty much got blitzed and felt it early in the morning when I woke up and ran to the toilet to spew up. But because I’d only had 2 pizza slices from Greggs to eat before we went out I pretty much had nothing but ‘water’ to bring back up. We also had our first row of 2015 and it was because Kyle suggested we leave and go home and because I was drunk, I pretty much told him no. So he went home and left me. Dave and Gemma eventually left. I sat and ¬†cried at the bar and then ended up with a fish bowl – no idea how that happened, so I got even more drunk. I called one of my guy mates on the way to Kyle’s where I cried down the phone. I stopped to get a chicken nugget and chip meal but never actually ate it. It’s probably still sat on the side at Kyle’s.

When we came back to mine yesterday morning I was told how my Dad was called by the yard owner (YO) at 3am because she’d heard the horses had gotten out. So my Dad went up to check to find mine were still in the field. My YO had his quad bike stolen which is about the third one in six months. Anyway they went looking for these horses which ended up being about 7 miles away and they were brought back to the yard and put in my summer paddock (its now ruined :( ) After a lot of posting on Facebook by some girl trying to take the credit for everything, nobody had reported their horses stolen/lost/missing. So the plan was to have Bransby Horse’s Home pick them up tomorrow. However after reading some posts on Facebook this morning, turns out they belong to a Polo yard a couple of miles from here. The girl trying to take all the credit organised the owner picking them up and ‘checked’ the passports to make sure they matched up and off the horses went. So I hope that these are the right owners or this girl will be up shit creek. I had a bit of a rant about her last night because she was trying to be the hero of the hour when she turned up 5 hours after it all happened. She found out and messaged me where I told her to stop trying to take the credit and being a know it all. Basically she kept talking crap so I said fair enough, I’m sorry then ignored her. It’s alright her being a know it all but things have a way of coming full circle so she’ll get what she’s owed soon enough and I hope I’m there to see it all unfold.

My other game turned up. I think Kyle has installed it but I haven’t played it yet because he’s been playing Destiny on my 360 and we’ve been watching Supernatural and Duck Dynasty. I had planned to play it after I’d dropped Kyle back home earlier but I ended up going to Burger King for food and then laying in my bed eating it whilst watching more episodes of Duck Dynasty. I really want to play it now but I ‘can’t be arsed’ and I know that’s not a good attitude to have but I’m not gunna get to lounge about tomorrow til nearly 3-4 o clock.

I’m back on the diet tomorrow so I’m also trying to enjoy the mass amount of Vanilla Coke and various biscuits, chocolate and other junkness I have kicking about. Tomorrow I will be back to having a bowl of Bran Flakes for breakfast instead of a bacon, sausage and tomato sauce roll. I’ll be back on the water with the lemon and lime flavouring instead of the major amounts of Vanilla Coke and Irn Bru that I have consumed in the last 2 weeks. I have no plans for going out on Saturday so I think we’ll just stay in and play xbox and watch the shows we like to watch on Netflix and Sky.

At some point this week I also plan to tidy the pages of this site up and rewrite certain pages too. I would love to do some link exchanges too. I tried to apply for a couple of blogging sites but because I did a massive dump of all my old entries I think that has held me back and they decided to decline. But that’s okay, once I’ve gotten a few posts under my belt I’ll re-apply. This fresh start will allow to make sure everything is perfect and give me chance to perfect my writing style. I’d also love to have some new hostees. I have a crap load of space sat doing nothing which could be put to good use by others. If you wish to apply then use the contact form. The forms on the hosting pages use a plugin which seems to send blank emails or incomplete emails. I will get around to fixing up all the pages.